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Ombre Powder Brows

Ombré Powder is the newest shading technique. It is 100% customizable and is great for anyone who wants a soft and natural look. This method creates pixilated dots to mimic powder filled brows with no harsh front or outline.

Microblade & Shade

Microblading & Shading technique is the perfect combination of both Powdered brows and 3D hair-like strokes. This method uses both hair stroke and powder techniques to create natural strokes with a soft, powdery makeup finish. It gives great definition and depth to the brows.


Hair Strokes technique is the newest revolutionary 3-D effect for permanent make-up eyebrows and is great for filling in sparse areas of the brows to naturally blend with your own hair. The Microblading design gives a nice, soft, natural appearance that looks like real hair.